How to Create A Signature Gallery Wall that Wows!

How to Create a Signature Gallery Wall that Wows!

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Gretchen Maurer
Gretchen Maurer
Stylist/ Instructor/ Coach

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I am MOST passionate about creating opportunities for people to experience transformation and reach for their dreams!  Stylists, salon owners and anyone interested in creating beautiful hairstyles.... Welcome!

I started in the Beauty Industry in 1980 and enjoyed seasons as a salon owner, Updo educator, platform artist and webmaster. 

Then, I moved into the wedding industry educating brides as well as wedding planners on how help brides avoid wedding morning madness. I was a freelance on location artist for high end weddings in New England and NYC. 

I am the author of two books, The Morning of Your Wedding and The Business of Bridal Beauty.

In 2005 I "left" the beauty industry for a decade joining my husband, who is a licensed mental health counselor, to live and serve as a coach/mentor at two residential addictions treatment centers. I lead self-improvement and life skills workshops, I helped run trauma groups, as well as crafting events and up-cycling interiors with the residents.

Currently, I am a certified Clarity Coach working in our Mental Health Practice while creating courses on the things I am passionate about for Thinkific!

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Welcome to:

 How to Create a Signature Gallery Wall that Wows!

Are you tired of seeing bare walls?
Are you STUCK!... not sure where to start?
Afraid of getting it all wrong?

Discover & develop your own Signature Style!

Experience fun exercises that will train you to "see" like a designer.

Learn insider tips, tricks and processes; all broken down & explained.

Gain deeper insight with my worksheets & 22 Pinterest Boards!

Learn my no fail system for flea market, yard sale, and "thrift" store success.

Bonus Article:"How do I get my partner on board with my gallery wall idea"?

"What do I need for this course?"

A Pinterest account and enthusiasm!

Go at your own pace and be well on your way to Gallery Wall Mastery!

See you inside!