Three easy half up hairstyles for Bridal or Prom

Three Easy Half up Hairstyles for Bridal or Prom

taught by Gretchen Maurer
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Gretchen Maurer
Gretchen Maurer
Stylist/ Instructor/ Coach

About the instructor


I am MOST passionate about creating opportunities for people to experience transformation and reach for their dreams!  Stylists, salon owners and anyone interested in creating beautiful hairstyles.... Welcome!

I started in the Beauty Industry in 1980 and enjoyed seasons as a salon owner, Updo educator, platform artist and webmaster. 

Then, I moved into the wedding industry educating brides as well as wedding planners on how help brides avoid wedding morning madness. I was a freelance on location artist for high end weddings in New England and NYC. 

I am the author of two books, The Morning of Your Wedding and The Business of Bridal Beauty.

In 2005 I "left" the beauty industry for a decade joining my husband, who is a licensed mental health counselor, to live and serve as a coach/mentor at two residential addictions treatment centers. I lead self-improvement and life skills workshops, I helped run trauma groups, as well as crafting events and up-cycling interiors with the residents.

Currently, I am a certified Clarity Coach working in our Mental Health Practice while creating courses on the things I am passionate about for Thinkific!

Find me on Instagram I'd love to follow each other! @gretchenmaurer

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Welcome to Three Easy Half up Hairstyles for Bridal or Prom

Work with ease and confidence as you master skills that keep you in high demand whether you're a pro or novice!

Half up Hairstyles are very popular and a great option for the young as well as the older clients. Brides and Bridesmaids love them too.

You will learn three different half up styles to add to your learning portfolio. Once you see how creative and diverse half up updos and hairstyles can be you will go to them over and over again.  

But wait there's more! 

You will also get to learn the skills necessary close up and in real time, with my skill supporting videos specifically added to and for this series of hairstyles!  

Course Curriculum & Videos

Skill Supporting Tutorials