As an "experienced" entrepreneur and a life long teacher, together with my materials, videos and support that accompanies any course you select; you will gain an enhanced life!

Any education you pursue in life provides:

  • New experiences
  • Space for creative thinking
  • New insights and distinctions
  • Paradigm shifts in your thinking
  • Living out in new ways of "showing up"
  • Honing of yourself, your environment and life

I have worked with hundreds of people throughout my "careers". In this course you will discover who you are, what you like and we'll have fun doing it. Yes, that's one of my "characters" dancing below!

Life is a well traveled road, not all of it is under our control. What is within our power to control is our attitude. Live life to the fullest!

If you want to know more juicy details about me, visit my website. But come back here!

I have been a teacher, mentor, counselor, author, speaker, performer and artist within a number of fields. I have worked in the beauty industry, the wedding industry, and as an addictions and recovery counselor.

I have flipped houses, decorated homes, churches and organizations. I've done marriage counseling and photo shoots for magazines. I've put make-up on a celebrity and built a stone wall with an ex-con. I helped deliver piglets and photographed two (human) births. I've helped heroin addicts get clean, trauma survivors become strong and moms get their kids back. Made-over awkward teens, dressed executives, styled hair for a ballroom dancer and hundreds of brides beautiful!

I'm super excited!! Let's go!